Veterinary emergency in Paris

VETINPARIS is available 24h/24 and 7D/7

VETINPARIS is available during and after business hours

Index.urgency-item-urgency-description dogscats and NAC (New Pets).

The emergency team is made up of experienced veterinary surgeons and nurses who are always available to take care of emergencies in the heart of central Paris.

TéléphoneCall the clinic - 01 43 07 01 06
The mission of VetinParis' veterinary emergency service is to provide immediate and high-quality medical care to sick or injured animals outside the usual opening hours of veterinary clinics. Our veterinary emergency service is comprised of a team of experienced professionals, including veterinarians and veterinary technicians, to offer a comprehensive range of care for pets. Our primary goal is to provide quick and effective assistance to distressed animals in order to treat them and help them recover rapidly and safely.